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Issue 43 - January 7th 1984
Pull-out and keep
First of a three-part in-depth look at Acorn's Electron. This week, inside the machine, electron history and a first look at the Electron's BBC Basic.
Monitor 2

Dragon 64 trade-in shock, page 2; full report from the last pre-Christmas show, page 3; new directions in software, page 4; Newbrain software producer acts on bugs, page 5; door-to-door micro selling in prospect, page 6.

PCN Charts 9
Find out how your favourite game is selling in our shop-based Top 30.
Random Access 10
Columns for your comments . . . and a £10 prize for a star letter.
Routine Inquiries 13
Let our experts solve your micro problems in this Q and A page.
Microwaves 14
Packed with clever bits and pieces to help all micro users.
Readout 16
A first look under the covers of new books.
PCN Back Issues 37
Complete your PCN collection . . .
PCN Programs 65
Oric: Escape from man-eating plants in Jungle Chase.
BBC: This routine gives a two-tone graphics dump. 68
Databasics 74
Complete hardware buyer's guide in easy-to-follow lists.
Billboard 82
Buy it, sell it, exchange it FREE in this page of readers' ads.
Quit/Datelines 88
Quips, quibbles and what to queue for.
IBM Junior 18
With massive publicity, the PCJr, code-named Peanut, has been unveiled in America to not totally rapturous applause. Ian Scales looks at Big Blue's latest progeny and assesses whether or not it will make waves in the UK.
Jargon Jungle 23
There may be place for an interface in our overdeveloped computerspaek, but integrated solutions, acronyms and 'problems' are definitely out of vogue, says David Guest. (Any idea what COD or SSSS could mean?).
Weighty Spectrum 24
Keep up with Kevin Ball's series on souping up Spectrum characters. Here's how to get double-width letters.
Tabs on Oric 29
If you've had presentation problems, this series of programs might solve them.
BBC Artist 36
The British Micro Grafpad at under £150, brings screen art into the home user's range. Richard Gold tested his talent on this new graphics pad.
Less Pricey Printer 38
At £240, the Walters WM80 is an attractive prospect. But does saving money mean losing facilities? Roger Howorth investigates.
BBC Tutor 50
For all one-fingered typists . . . here's a package that'll zap up the keys by teaching you to type. Colin Cohen reports.
Spectrum Assembly 53
Ted Ball tests an assembler and machine code monitor for the 48K Spectrum, and highly recommends it.
Dragon: On your bikes with Trace Race, and Pinball. 54
Colour Genie: Good new games to cheer forlorn Genie owners. 59
Spectrum: Sub simulation and burger break-out. 61
Commodore 64: Caveman antics in two new cassettes. 63
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