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Issue 9 - May 6th to May 13th 1983
Monitor 2
Tiger graphics burning bright page 2; Sinclair fires shots in a price war page 3; how Japan is getting to grips with software page 4; and how the British are doing it for them page 5; plus reports and pictures of the week's events on seven bulging pages.
Random Access 15
£10 for the star letter
Routine Inquiries 18
Your questions answered by Max Phillips
Microwaves 20
Every tip wins a fiver
Gameplay 48
Oric-1 48
Dwarf, priest or fighter, you must enter the dungeons and find the Rod of Power - and solve the riddle of the castle treasure
BBC B 50
Your first Starfleet command - defend the final frontiers of space against alien ships
Dragon 50
Join Mr Spock in ridding the galaxy of the dreaded Klingons
Spectrum 54
A Rubic cubic puzzle on-screen
Atari 54
Put Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill together again
ProgramCards 56
Dragon 32 56
A three-card trick for generating lower-case and mixing text and graphics in hi-res
Spectrum 65
A monster game for the 16K
Subroutine 69
'Wildcard' string search under demonstration
Readout 71
Spectrum ROM Disassembly, Basic for the Commodore 64, and stargazing on the Atari 800
Clubnet 72
Is there a user group in your town?
Databasics 74
PCN Billboard 80
Quit/Datelines 88
Spellbound 22
Spelling-checkers for word processing can put your command of written English to shame. Barry Miles checks them out
BBC: Programming keys 24
Use the ten function keys on the BBC micro to the full and you'll be zipping between several levels of programming with just three keystrokes. Paul Beverly shows you how.
Atari: Written test 26
Is the writing on the wall for space invaders? Geof Wheelwright reckons your Atari can do more than play games . . .
Apple: Structured Basic 30
Richard King reviews a disk package aimed at the more experienced programmer, who'll appreciate its wealth of features
Vic 20: Pixel Power 32
An easy-to-use package with a five-option menu to put sparkle on your screen
Commodore 64 39
Two new ways to link peripherals - the Dames IEEE interface takes 15 at once, while the Interpod copes with up to 30 IEEE devices, plus an RS23C. Do you spend £50 or £125 to realise the Commodore's potential? Barry Miles adjudicates.
Star 510 printer 34
A full-featured dot matrix printer for under £290? A Star in this competitive market is gazed upon by Barry Miles.
Micro-Professor II 42
Just academic to compare it to the Apple? Main review by Christopher Murphy, with a bit-by-bit comparison by Richard King
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