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Issue 8 - April 29th - May 6th 1983
Monitor 2
Softsel attacks UK software prices page 2; France claims a universal disk drive page 3; a bounty on bugs page 4, and Osborne woos executives page 5 . . . with a US view of Apple's future and plenty more news over six pages.
Random Access 14
Star letter wins £10
Routine Inquiries 18
Max Phillips answers readers' questions
Microwaves 20
£5 for every micro tip printed
Gameplay 48
Strategic Action on the Vic 20 and Dragon 32; teaching time for tiny tots on the 16K BBC and Spectrum page 51; treasure quests on the ZX81 and Spectrum page 52
Clubnet 55
Nationwide guide to clubs, A-Z
Readout 62
Atari, Dragon, games for the BBC and a guide to business micros
PCN ProgramCards 63
Commodore database, Program index for the BBC Model B
Databasics 73
Software selection
PCN Billboard 81
Hang it here. Your free swop, buy and sell ad section
Subscription form 87
Paging Prestel 23
PCN casts its Micronet - our own experiences on joining the club
Compact Programming 26
The T199/4A has a comparatively short memory. Stephen Shaw has some practical tips on how to stretch it
Software 31
With Atari's Home File Manager you could be turning out your card index box. A plot to convert the Vic 20 from a games machine to a charter of business page 32; how does the Spectrum handle accounts with Hestacrest's package? page 33
Peripherals 34
Now its's the turn of the Epson RX80 - Barry Miles discovers its dozen printing modes. Ian Scales touches on keyboard upgrades for the ZX81 page 39
Hardware 40
NCR's first micro, and a great deal of thought went into it, says Bernard Wragge-Morley. And he sees office networking potential for the Future FX20 page 46
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