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Issue 7 - Week Ending April 29th 1983
Buyer beware 23
You won't be DOSsing outside a closed-up shopfront if you follow David Guest's advice.
Wonder chip 26
Custom chip GTIA takes you into three more unknown colour modes on your Atari. Richard Hawkes takes command.
Software 28
Program artificial intelligence into the Spectrum with SpecList - plus assembly language programming for Vic 20 buffs page 33, and graphs without graft with a Victor/Sirius disk package page 34.
Peripherals 36
Can the Epson FX80 printer live up to the image of its predecessor, the MX80? Reviewer Barry Miles is impressed. And Drew Athol likes the noiseless speed of the Olivetti JP101 ink-jet printer page 38.
Hardware exclusive! 42
Dawning of a new age for toy-making giant Mattel? Richard King gets to the Aquarius first.
Monitor 2
Acorn's growing pains page 2, Japanese portables at the Hanover Fair page 3, Canada plans a micro wave page 4, software control on Commodore page 6, with more of the latest news in words and pictures.
Random Access 14
Who picks up a £10 note this week with a star letter? It could be your turn next week if you write to PCN.
Paperchase results 17
Four thousand entries chasing four BBC micros. Find out if you were lucky (or skilled) enough to be a one-in-a-thousand winner.
Microwaves 19
Make waves, make money. Every computing idea we publish gets a £5 feedback.
Routine Inquiries 20
We're all bewitched, but if you're bothered and bewildered too write to Max. He'll ease your agony in his regular Q/A column.
Gameplay 51
Up, Up and Away on the Atari, plus cashing in on your Sinclair page 52, and a brace of shooting matches with a scientific twist (Vic and ZX81) page 53.
Clubnet 55
Full nationwide guide to user groups - contacts at your fingertips.
Readout 59
High praise for a Comal handbook but thumbs down for an Atari Forth primer.
PCN ProgramCards 63
Comlete your set of Wack Racers cards; a check chart for Commodore users, and more calendar data.
Databasics 73
Printers, monitors, disk-drives, modems, plotters - latest on the peripherals.
Billboard 80
Hang it here. Your free swop, buy and sell ad section.
Quit 88
PCN's lighthearted way of signing off.
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