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Issue 6 - Week Ending April 22nd 1983
PC DOS Dilemma 18
Deenagh Brook unravels the mysteries of IBM PC DOS.
Paxis run 21
David Jacques teams up a Praxis daiywheel with the BBC Micro running Wordwise.
Sharp operator 25
Chris Pointer highlights the little things that give the tiny PC-1251 great potential.
Software 28
Put your ZX81 into Hi-Res gear with this ne graphics package.
Peripherals 34
Is the new Scorpio 8 disk system going to push Winchesters into second place? Francis Monkman gives this Apple II add-on the full PCN Pro-test.
Hardware: Cover Story 41
In parallel Pro-Tests find out how the new heavyweight from Tycom and the IBM PC perform.
Monitor 2
The IBM PC-compatible bandwagon gathers pace, page 2; Software advances and software protection, page 3; the shape of things to come from the US, page 4, and a new Star from Micropro, page 5; openings for software marketeers on page 6 . . . and events of the past week on seven pages of news.
Random Access 15
Your space . . . your letters. Write to PCN and take a chance on winning the £10 note!
Routine Inquiries 16
Don't worry - write. Put your problems on paper and send them to Max. He'll solve them in his regular question and answer columns.
Microwaves 32
£5 for a hot hint. Turn your bright ideas into hard cash.
Gameplay 51
Amazing mazes for the Spectrum and science fiction for the Apple II in four new games.
PCN ProgramCards 55
Complete your Wacky Racers program for the Oric, calculate your mortgage in the Sharp MZ80K and add a utility for the BBC Micro to your ProgramCard collection - plus a subroutine and sample program.
Clubnet 69
PCN's at-a-glance guide to micro clubs puts the contacts at your fingertips.
Readout 72
More from PCN's selection keeps you up to date with what's new on the bookstalls.
Databasics 73
Your buyer's guide to micros: latest prices, detailed specs. . .
Billboard 80
PCN's free ad service gives you the chance to buy and sell micro kit.
Datelines 88
Where to go; what to see; who to get in touch with in this coming events column.
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