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Issue 5 - Week Ending April 15th 1983
Speech packs 22
Final word on speech packs for various micros and a talk through the route to voice synthesis.
Which VDU? 26
Tips on how to make sure your monitor passes the screen test.
Hardware: Cover Story 34
Full hands-on Commodore's top model, the 700.
Software 42
1-2-3 wings in from America for PCN to give you an exclusive review of this IBM PC package.
Peripherals 50
Ikon's Hobbit gives the BBC micro a half-way option between tape and cassette. Full review.
Monitor 2
The Laser pierces a price barrier, page 2, Lisping can grow on you, page 3, networking in 16 bits from Televideo, page 5, plus reports from Japan and all the news that's fit to print in the micro world this week.
Random Access 13
Don't bottle it up, beat a path to this page where each week we print what you want to say. And there's £10 for a star letter!
Routine Inquiries 16
Got a problem? Send it to Max. He's the Mr Fix-it who'll put you right - in his regular help spot.
Microwaves 20
Turn a bright idea into a crisp blue one. This is your chance to turn a hint or tip into hard cash.
Gameplay 30
New racing games give you chances to get behind the Grand Prix wheel on the Dragon and to tip the odds for Derby Day on the Spectrum.
Readout 24
The PCN weekly selection of what's new on the bookstalls.
Clubnet 57
This week a full list of user groups throughout the country: names and addresses to keep you in touch.
ProgramCards 63
Add this week's unique cut-out-and-keep cards to your program library. Complete your Fruit Machine set.
Databasics 73
Software facts at your fingertips in seven easy-to-follow pages listing major packages.
Billboard 83
Sell, swop or buy through these free readers' advertisements.
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