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Issue 4 - Week Ending April 8th 1983
BBC Disk Dodges 24
If the BBC micro's DOS confuses you - read on . . .
Lust for Gory 27
Or, put differently, just what is an adventure game?
Apple tips 33
Geoff Wheelwright solves the lost copy problem for wordsmiths.
Hardware: Cover Story 35
PCN takes the wraps off the new machine that mixes power with portability.
Peripherals 46
In Wheels within Wheels we give the new daisywheel from Olympia a full spin.
Software 51
Is the new seductive Visicalc alternative something Commodore users can count on?
Monitor 2
Microsoft adds C and 16-bit Basic to its languages, page 2; news of an under-£400 micro that comes with plotter/printer, page 3; Guy Kewney reports from the California Faire, page 4; PCN Charts, page 5; ACS scuppers a pirate, page 6; a new micro consumer group gears up for the attack, page 9 . . . in six pages of latest news and pictures.
Random Access 12
Your space - your letter. Your reward? £10 for a letter of star quality.
Routine Inquiries 18
Got a problem? Max'll fix it in his regular help spot.
Microwaves 20
Your chance to turn a tip into hard cash . . . £5 for a hot hint.
Readout 23
We process and printout our reviews of what's new on the bookstalls.
Gameplay 59
New games to play . . . there's adventure on the Apple with Dark Crystal and fun with dragons and wizards for the Dragon 32.
PCN ProgramCards 63
Cut out and collect a tuneful program for Oric 1 . . . the first part of a fruit machine game for the Commodore 64 . . . plus more in five full pages.
Clubnet 72
Club and user group contacts at your fingertips in this week-by-week guide.
Datelines 72
What's on and where, at home and abroad.
Databasics 74
Your up-to-date guide to all the major peripherals. Check it out in these six pages.
PCN Billboard 83
Buy, seel and swap through your free advertisements.
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