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Issue 3 - Week Ending April 1st 1983
PCN Paperchase 16
Final leg in the race to win a BBC. Don't miss the closing date.
Splitting the Atom 24
. . . or how a good idea with the BBC Basic ROM card turned sour.
Lynx Unleashed 28
Let loose with the cat that catches colour.
Music micro please! 30
Tuning up your Apple to synthesiser quality.
Battle the bugs in shoot 'em up games for the Vic-20. 35
Favourites for the Dragon 32 and Spectrum. 38
Find the golden fleece on the IBM PC. 41
Pro-Test on the Pro: full hands-on test of the Texas Instruments Professional. 42
Say it again SAM gives the word on a new speech synthesiser for the 48K Apple II. 48
Keep your print options open with the Facit 4510 dot matrix printer. 50
Change your fingertip control of the IBM. 54
Trial run of Petspeed - the go-faster Basic compiler. 56
Open the box and tune up your Sirius. 59
Back to pen and paper with Dragoncalc. 61
Monitor 2
An IBM-compatible portable makes its debut, page 2, and new lightweights are predicted from Osborne, page 3; CP/M for the Newbrain and the Lynx, page 5; independent add-ons to the Jupiter Ace, page 6 . . . in six pages of news and pictures.
Random Access 15
Your letters . . . post them to PCN and pick up £10 for the best of the week.
Routine Inquiries 18
Got a problem? Send it to Max, he'll put you right - in this week's agony column.
Microwaves 20
Turn your tips into cash . . . we pay £5 for every helpful hint we publish.
Readout 33
What to read . . . what to leave on the shelf. Every week reviews of what's new on the bookstalls.
Program Cards 63
Nine unique cards to cut out and keep for your listings library. Games for the Vic 20 and BBC, utilities for the Spectrum . . . and more . . .
Clubnet 73
Week by week Clubnet builds into a full list of clubs and user groups throughout the country.
Datelines 73
The what, when and where of the microcomputer world.
Databasics 74
Up-to-date buyer's guide to micros - the facts at your fingertips.
PCN Billboard 83
Your marketplace . . . free readers' ads. Fill in the form and claim your space.
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