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Chapter 7
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 7
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One of the reasons why I could not afford to stay on Hants & Dorset had been that I wanted to save the deposit for a home of my own. For more than five years I had lived in a bedsit in Shirley. House prices were rising and I needed a guaranteed income and some overtime in order to save and get a mortgage.
Even on SCT saving was not easy. Overtime was patchy, as inflation and unemployment began to rise staffing levels remained high. Eventually I had enough to buy a flat rather than the house I had originally wanted. I found a place near Portswood, within easy walking distance of the bus depot.
With this out of the way I was now able to start taking long weekends off. I had travelled on the continent as usual during my holidays but I had needed to work every day possible between. Unfortunately, although we had a five day week the rota was over six. The only way to take a long weekend off was to hand back the Friday and Saturday duties of the weeks where this was allowed. This gave Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.
But for travelling there was a problem. The Friday and Saturday were on the late week and the Sunday was on the early week. This meant I worked late on the Thursday and started early on the Monday. I could not travel until during the day on Friday and needed to travel back during the day on Sunday.
The result was that I now only had Saturday at my destination instead of Saturday and Sunday when I was on H&D despite having Friday as an additional day off. On H&D, when we had a weekend off, we finished on the Friday afternoon and returned to work on the Monday afternoon. This allowed overnight travel on Friday, all-day Saturday and Sunday at the destination and overnight travel home. Sometimes it is not the amount of time you have off that matters but how useful it is to you.
A single (one-way) from Olten in Switzerland to Mulhouse (Ville) in France on the 12th of December 1978 cost SFr11,20 or about £5.00 at that time.
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