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Chapter 7
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 7
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324, a 1962 Leyland PD2A with Park Royal body (324AOW) waiting at Vincent's Walk to do a 9A to Aldermoor via Maybush on 25/07/1972.
In April 1975, when I moved from Hants & Dorset to the Portswood depot of Southampton City Transport, we had two sets of routes operated as circuits.
Crew changeovers took place in Portswood shopping centre, although this would eventually move to Vincents Walk in the city centre once only the Shirley routes were left crew operated.
355 (375 FCR), a 1963 AEC Regent V with 66 seat East Lancs body, outbound on route 15 to Bassett Green at the Cenotaph  on a dull and wet 17/02/1977.
The first circuit was known as 'The Madhouse'. The routes were City Centre to Bassett Green via The Avenue (15), Bassett Green to Docks via St.Mary's (13), Docks to Townhill Park via Lodge Road (14), Townhill Park to Docks via Lodge Road (14), Docks to Bassett Green via St.Mary's (13). Bassett Green to City Centre via The Avenue (15).
The second, known as 'The Boys' Route' because it was supposedly easier, was City Centre to Glen Eyre via University (11A), Glen Eyre to Royal Pier via Swaythling (11), Royal Pier to Glen Eyre via Swaythling (11), Glen Eyre to City Centre via University (11A), City Centre to Bullar Road (12), Bullar Road to City Centre (12). On Sundays the number 12 was not run between the two 11A journeys but was added to the madhouse between the two number 15s.
Personally, I preferred the Madhouse.
402, a 70 seat Neepsend bodied 1967 AEC Regent V  (KOW910F) preserved and photographed at Mayflower Park in 2003.
Our buses were the rather ugly Park Royal bodied Leyland PD2A and the much better looking AEC Regent V, the early ones with East Lancs bodies and the later ones with a similar but longer Neepsend body and semi-automatic gearbox.

In 1981 the last rear-platform buses were withdrawn and the Leyland Atlantean became the standard double-decker for both crew and PAYE routes.

The 12 route varied over the years, sometimes operating via Northam and Bitterne, sometimes via Portswood and at different times to Bullar Road or Townhill Park.
SCT also had crews on services 7, 9 and 17 from Shirley depot with the remainder being one-man operated routes often referred to as Woolston depot although they were actually based at Portswood.
101, a 1968 Leyland Atlantean with East Lancs body (OCR 145G) at Portswood depot on 17/02/1977.
13, a 1972 Seddon RU with Pennine body (BCR 377K) at Portswood depot on 17/02/1977.
8, a 1969 AEC Swift with East Lancs body (TCR 294H) at Portswood depot on 17/02/1977.
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