Hold Tight! - Demon drink
Chapter 6
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 6
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I once spent a Saturday night in Cologne. In the evening I went for a meal and had a knuckle of pork with dumplings. If that was the size of its knuckle I would not have wanted to argue with the pig. Afterwards I got talking to some people in the bar and we carried on drinking and talking until one thirty in the morning. All I could remember about the hotel was that it was beyond the railway station, over a dual carriageway and the end of the row of buildings was painted in black and white checks.
I walked through the precinct, found the railway station and there in the distance were the black and white checks. I climbed over the railings in the middle of the road. The hotel door was locked and inside I could see an old man reading a paper. I rang the bell, he looked up and then went back to his paper. After a few more tries I convinced him to come to the door. My next task was to convince him I had a room. I knew the number, it was fifty seven but what was it in German? Finally the few brain cells still awake got together and came up with the answer. I got to my room, closed the door and woke up at nine o'clock.
After a much needed shower I went downstairs for breakfast. All the other guests had eaten and left long ago. Just one place was left, the rest were being made ready for lunch. Feeling very conspicuous I drank the orange juice and all the coffee but left the rolls uneaten. I would regret that later. After breakfast I checked out and went to the station to catch a train to Brussels.
There was a ticket inspector at the gates leading to the platforms. I produced my ticket and it was clipped. On the train another ticket inspector checked and clipped the ticket. At Liège a Belgian ticket inspector got on, looked at the ticket and asked why I was travelling on a single from Brussels to Cologne in the wrong direction. I had asked for a return but had not checked the ticket. An on-the-spot fine.
What I needed now was something to eat and drink, so I went along to the buffet car. The train had started from Brno, then in Czechoslovakia. The buffet car belonged to the east European 'Mitropa' organization and I discovered that the supplies which should have been put on the train at Prague had not been there. There was only hard boiled eggs and black coffee. I had an interesting chat with the East German woman working in the buffet car. A great trip, but I was glad to get back to Brussels and some food.
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