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Chapter 6
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 6
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Not police specials but school and works specials.
Works journeys fell into two categories. Those where the firm paid the full cost of the bus so we did not collect fares and those where the firm made up the difference between the fares collected and the cost of laying on the bus. On the first type we only carried workers from the firm involved while on the second we picked up other passengers along the way.
School buses were of the same two types. Passengers would get on a school service and then complain about the children.
One school special for primary school children but not on service to passengers ran between Worthy Down army camp and North Walls in Winchester. There were no fares to collect but the children had to be counted. There were about 120 on a 60 seat bus.
Fights would break out but the conductor dare not leave the platform to sort out the problem. If he did, he would return to find children hanging out of the back of the bus, trying to knock their brains out against passing road signs. The mothers would complain bitterly if little Johnny arrived home with a cut eye or a bloody nose.
Other specials ran for events such as the New Forest Show where we ran a shuttle service between Brockenhurst train station and the show ground.
Not strictly a special, we ran buses between the Central Station and the channel car ferries. Many people arriving in the country from France had only large denomination English bank notes. As I used to make frequent trips across the channel, I would carry no change on these journeys but I did have my own fare chart in French francs. This made sure that I always had plenty of change in French money, all I had to do was pay in the fares in sterling from my own pocket.
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