Hold Tight! - Kids and animals
Chapter 6
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 6
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A driver and I are sent out one afternoon to do a school run in the New Forest. The kids are great, telling us turn right here, turn left there, stop at this corner, drop me at that house. Fine, until the last one gets off. Help!
And I thought I was forever young. Apparently not. A small boy is playing with a toy car. I ask if I can see how fast I can make it go along the floor of the bus. He says "You can't play with toys, you're not a little boy". I say "I was once", to which he replies firmly and with absolute certainty "Oh no you weren't!". Charming!
Upstairs, travelling between Langley and Lepe Beach, a mother frantically trying in vain to divert her young son's attention from the double decker horses in the field. Or the bull at Nursling, which despite having a big field prefers to stand right next to the bus stop proudly displaying what may impress the cows but embarrasses a lot of people. Brilliant!
On a number 35 from Windermere Avenue about eight thirty one morning, a black labrador gets on the bus. It goes upstairs and sits at the front so it can see out of the window. At Green Park the dog comes down stairs and gets off - without paying. Cheek!
At Brinton's Road on an 88 and running late. I am upstairs and ring the bell a soon as the woman gets on. The woman stands on the platform although there are seats. I go downstairs to see what is wrong. Her dog is running alongside the bus with the lead trapped in the doors. We stop and the dog seems to have enjoyed it, the woman less so. Sorry!
The end of term, Swanmore school. A girl with a box, the box has holes in it. "I've got a rabbit, do you want to see?" says the girl. I say "No thanks" but she shows me anyway. The girl no longer has a rabbit but I do, under the stairs and just out of reach. Every time I try to grab it, it growls (are rabbits supposed to growl?) and shows its teeth. It takes ten minutes to get the rabbit back in the box. Thanks!
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