Hold Tight! - Eastleigh
Chapter 6
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 6
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I worked from Eastleigh on a number of occasions. The atmosphere was more relaxed than Southampton and the local routes were quite short, in one case too short. I should have known better, having lived in Eastleigh until I was nearly eight. The 123 from the bus station, at that time between Southampton Road and Market Street near the site of the current Swan Shopping Centre, ran via the train station to Campbell Road. I got on the bus, rang the bell and took out my ticket machine. The driver missed out the station as was apparently normal on this journey and went straight to Campbell Road where everyone got off. Without paying.
A conductor at Eastleigh got himself promoted to inspector. Due to take up his new appointment on the Monday, he spent the Sunday riding on buses in his new uniform. On Monday morning we all gathered in the rest room in front of a poster reading "For One Day Only, Eastleigh Hants & Dorset Social Club Is Proud To Present: 'H' The Great, Buses Will Run On Time". When 'H' came in his faced dropped and he looked horrified but one of the drivers assured him the poster was because he was one of the lads made good. He accepted this and went to work happy!
Another time, a driver and I were sent to Eastleigh in a hurry, taking a bus with us rather than catching a service bus, to save time. When we reached the bus station we were given a school run to do. Already late, we set off and picked up about a hundred children who we took to Colden Common. Empty, we headed back to Eastleigh but screeched to a halt at a railway bridge which was too low for our bus. The Eastleigh depot only had the old fashioned, low height buses with the upstairs gangway on one side. Our type of bus was forbidden on these routes. The only reason we had gone through the arch on the way out was because of the weight of the children!
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