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Chapter 5
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 5
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The bus station from the middle exit in Portland Terrace
Southampton bus station opened in 1933. In the mid 1960s a new building was built but the old office block was retained. The new structure was only temporary as was the Lord Louis public house as the site had been earmarked for redevelopment. Originally intended to be a single storey, a staff area including a canteen and a snooker room was added above.
For some reason, although staff toilets were included a locker room was not. This was placed on the opposite side of the bus station, next to the Lord Louis. Manchester Street and Windsor Terrace were open to traffic in the direction of the arrows.
Of the surrounding buildings, I remember Percy the gents hairdresser in Manchester Street. He moved to Highfield. Also on that side was the Co-op Travel Agency, where some of us went to a beer tasting in the rooms above. Opposite the Windsor pub was the optician Dollond & Aitchison. Towards the other end of Windsor Terrace was Plesteads pie shop which still has branches in East Street and Shirley.
Bus Stands - around 1970 but from memory so not 100% certain:
A - 19 20 27 D - 36 36A G - 41 43 44 48 K - Spare O/P 50 51 51A 53
B - 39 40 40A 56 96 E - 58 58A 59 59A H - 47 L/M - 61 61A 62 63 O/P 70 76 86 93
C - 37 57 60 F - 35 J - 47A 87 N - 71 82 88 88A  
The plan above is from memory and a diagram in the May 1979 timetable. When I was a child, before the new buildings were built, the buses stopped around the office block and out in the Rose Gardens between the bus station and the Civic Centre. Even after the new bus station opened, for a time there were houses opposite and down the hill to the power station, so we had to be quiet first thing in the morning. The houses have been replaced by the Asda supermarket, offices, a car park and student accommodation. Toys 'R' Us occupies the site of the power station.
The bus station site is now occupied by the Marlands Shopping Centre. Inside there is a row of shopfronts from the old Manchester Street. The path from Above Bar is still there, forming the entrance to that side of the mall. The Rose Gardens disappeared long ago to make more room for traffic.
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