Hold Tight! - Double trouble
Chapter 4
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 4
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When you spend all day every day on the road accidents become a fact of life. Usually they are other people's accidents and only cause delay. Sometimes we would be the first on the scene and would have to take charge until the emergency services arrived. This included directing traffic, something I did on a number of occasions.
Inevitably I suppose, we had accidents of our own. Two of these happened just a fortnight apart on the old A33, then the main road north from Southampton. The first was on Boxing Day on the way back from Southampton with the 17:00 number 47. We had an almost full bus as there had been a football match at the Dell. Since there was no rush I was still taking fares as we travelled from Chilworth roundabout down the hill towards Chandlers Ford. I felt something hit the offside of the bus and made my way downstairs as the driver slowed and stopped.
I got off and started walking back the way we had come. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness I found a Ford Cortina in the middle of the road, its offside badly damaged but no sign of any occupants.Realising that there must be another vehicle involved. I walked further up the road to find a BMC 1100 or 1300 with severe front end damage but again no people. Suddenly a police car arrived on the scene. A woman following us had remembered seeing it parked at the roundabout, picked up the children from the Cortina and gone back for help.
We found the two drivers and the wheel from the BMC which was what had hit the side of the bus, but nobody could explain how the accident had happened.
Two weeks later it had started to rain early one morning and then the temperature had dropped and it had become very foggy. On the return journey from Southampton we joined a queue of vehicles at almost the same spot. We had been stationary for about twenty minutes with other vehicles behind us when we were hit from behind by a Ford Anglia. The car had punched a hole under the stairs of the bus and was completely wrecked.
It appeared the driver had decided to get past all the traffic, found the road blocked and braked causing him to lose control on the ice. The police and an ambulance arrived from the opposite direction. They were picking up injured people from accidents stretching from Chandlers Ford to Chilworth and there were more accidents extending a mile each way along the A27.
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