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Chapter 3
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Hold Tight!
Chapter 3
Getting Away
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Armed with my pass giving three days of free travel and two at half price on the lake steamers plus discounts on the local mountain railways, I was able to spend all day enjoying the sights. The steamers were a great way to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Some were modern diesels while others were old paddle steamers. I visited the summits of Pilatus and Rigi and travelled on rack-railways, funiculars and cable cars.
As with all mountain regions, the weather varied from scorching sun to cold rain. And of course at the top of the mountains spring was only just beginning, the cloud could come down suddenly and the temperature drop like a stone. I set aside a day to relax on a round the lake cruise, a welcome rest from going up and down the mountains. I also found time to visit the transport museum and to take a train ride to Zurich.
In the evenings there was little to do except go for a stroll or have a drink in the hotel but wanting to make an early start in the morning meant that was not a problem. The holiday was over much too soon. On the last morning I checked out of the hotel and left my case at the station. I was booked on a train leaving in the evening so I had the day free.
But this was May 1968, the journey home would be very different from the one coming down.
Paddle Steamer 'Gallia' in Luzern
Scenery on the Vierwaldstättersee
Rigi Kulm with a train to Arth-Goldau
Alpnachstad and rack railway Pilatusbahn
Paddle steamer 'Gallia' Lakeside scenery Summit of the Rigi and Alpnachstad with train
at Luzern near Flüelen train to Arth-Goldau to summit of Pilatus
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