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Commodore program listings were notoriously hard read with cursor and colour codes represented by graphics symbols. It was also difficult to see the number of spaces or graphics characters.
To overcome these problems I wrote a program to display and print the instructions as text. For example:

10 print"[cls][cur][2cud][red]

A number may appear within the brackets, in the example this means two cursor down key presses.
Designed for use on the Commodore 64, listings are to a 40 column format and may spread over two lines, indented by one character. This should be remembered when checking for spaces as single spaces are shown as such rather than as [spc]:
10 print"This line extends over two line
.s when listed."
20 print"There is no space at the start
>of the second line."
30 print"So does this one, but this time
> there is a space between the two."
  Item Meaning Key(s) Example  
[home] Cursor home Press the HOME key print"{home}"
[cls] Clear screen Press SHIFT and HOME keys print"[cls]"
[cur] Cursor right Press CRSR left/right key number of times shown print"[3cur]"
[cul] Cursor left Press SHIFT and CRSR keys number of times shown print"[cul]"
[cud] Cursor down Press CRSR up/down key number of times shown print"[cud]"
[cup] Cursor up Press SHIFT and CRSR keys number of times shown print"[5cup]"
[inst] Insert Press SHIFT and INST/DEL keys number of times shown print"[inst]"
[r/on] Reverse on Press CTRL and 9 keys (not on Pet) print"[r/on]"
[r/off] Reverse off Press CTRL and 0 keys (not on Pet) print"[r/off]"
[spc] Space >1 Press the space bar number of times shown print"[10spc]"
[co.] Logo key Press the logo key and the key shown print"[co.q]"
[sh.] Shift key Press the SHIFT key and the key shown print"[3sh.a]"
[] Text
Press CTRL and n same as printchr$(14) or poke53272,23
[] Graphics e.g.: print"[][cls]"  
  change to: printchr$(142);"[cls]"  
  or to: poke53272,21:print"[cls]"  
[] Disable changes
Press CTRL and h same as printchr$(8) or poke657,128
[blk] Black Press CTRL and 1 print"[blk]"
[wht] White Press CTRL and 2 print"[wht]"
[red] Red Press CTRL and 3 print"[red]"
[cyn] Cyan Press CTRL and 4 print"[cyn]"
[pur] Purple Press CTRL and 5 print"[pur]"
[grn] Green Press CTRL and 6 print"[grn]"
[blu] Blue Press CTRL and 7 print"[blu]"
[yel] Yellow Press CTRL and 8 print"[yel]"
[ora] Orange Press logo and 1 print"[ora]"
[brn] Brown Press logo and 2 print"[brn]"
[] Light red Press logo and 3 print"[]"
[d.gry] Dark grey Press logo and 4 print"[d.gry]"
[m.gry] Medium grey Press logo and 5 print"[m.gry]"
[l.grn] Light green Press logo and 6 print"[l.grn]"
[l.blu] Light blue Press logo and 7 print"[l.blu]"
[l.gry] Light grey Press logo and 8 print"[l.gry]"
[f1]   Press function key f1 ifa$="[f1]"
[f2]   Press SHIFT and function key f1 (f2) ifa$="[f2]"
[f3]   Press function key f3 ifa$="[f3]"
[f4]   Press SHIFT and function key f3 (f4) ifa$="[f4]"
[f5]   Press function key f5 ifa$="[f5]"
[f6]   Press SHIFT and function key f5 (f6) ifa$="[f6]"
[f7]   Press function key f7 ifa$="[f7]"
[f8]   Press SHIFT and function key f7 (f8) ifa$="[f8]"
[stop] Stop Press the STOP key ifa$="[STOP]"
Please note that the program was designed for the Commodore 64. Some codes are specific to that machine.
A pdf file of this list and additional information is available here
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