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Commodore 4040
Commodore 8050
Commodore 4040 serial WG 2357 made in W.Germany. Commodore 8050 serial M4002163 made in USA.
While the Datassette tape deck was the first storage device bought by most PET owners, a disk drive was much faster and more suited to business users. Commodore produced a range of dual drives, taking the new 5¼ inch disks. Earlier disks had been a massive eight inches, so the 5¼ inch ones were called diskettes. PET to IEEE-488 cable
While the 4040 and the 1541 can read each others disks, BASIC programs load to different addresses on different computers. In general disks, drives and computers cannot be swapped. Most later drives used the serial interface. I have a second 8050 (M4009754). These three drives connect using an IEEE-488 cable with a special plug on the end that fits the edge connector at the back of the PET. A printer could be attached to the disk drive using a standard IEEE-488 cable.
Commodore 1551
Commodore 1570
Commodore 1551 serial AD4 004969 made in Japan. Commodore 1570 serial DA5 15055 made in W.Germany.
Suitable for the Plus/4, the 1551 connects to the user port instead of the more usual (for Commodore) serial port. It has the same style of case as the 1541 rather than that of the 1541-II. Since the 1551 could only be used with the Plus/4, most people used the 1541 or the 1541-II. Designed for the 128, the 1570 was a temporary solution to the as yet unready 1571. Still, most people stuck with the 1541 and the 1541-II as these were readily available and could be used with other Commodores.
Commodore 1571
Commodore 1581
Commodore 1571 serial DA5 53575 made in W.Germany. Commodore 1581 serial 00564 made in Taiwan.
This was the top of the range disk drive for the 128 and 128D. Capable of faster speeds, greater density and using double sided disks. An internal power supply but does not get as warm as other models. Unusual for 8 bit Commodores, a 3.5 inch disk drive. Works with the 64 but is more suited to the 128 and 128D. On sale from 1987, the 1581 is much smaller than any other Commodore disk drive.
Oceanic OC-118N serial 1028550 made in Taiwan.  
A substitute for the 1541 and other drives, the Oceanic disk drive is smaller and lighter. Third party hardware was rather limited due to protectionist action by Commodore. The 1551 connects to the user port instead of the more usual (for Commodore) serial port. The rear of the plug has a connector for more devices.
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