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A pair of BBC joysticks. These connect to the Analogue port rather than the more usual Atari type socket. They also behave differently, lacking the Atari's N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW switches. As a result, on the games in my collection only the fire button is recognised and I have to revert to using the keyboard.   An Altai joystick specially adapted for use with BBC computers, connecting to the Analogue In socket. This joystick works well with the BBC micro.
The Volex TTX 20008 Teletext Adapter receives its signal from a TV aerial and connects to a BBC micro with a teletext ROM installed. The idea was for people to download software via the BBC's teletext pages, Ceefax. The Telesoftware service ended in 1989 leaving users with a product that displayed text pages which were available on their TV sets. With switchover to digital, the teletext service itself is no longer accessible.
At the rear of the adapter are four selectors, one for each of the only four channels available in the 1980s (BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4).
An Apollo Modem, allowing connection to Prestel, an interactive information service from Post Office Telephones, later British Telecom. The modem also allowed communication over the phone lines with other computers. In those pre internet days, bulletin boards (BBS) were popular. The baud rate can be set to 300 or 1200 baud. Connection to the computer is via the RS423 socket.
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