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07-ALA01-0058050 shown here.
07-ALA01-0102985 not shown.
07-ALA01-0162507 not shown.
While the BBC was quite popular, it was more expensive than its rivals. As a result, in 1983 Acorn produced the Electron with fewer connections and smaller in size. A lot of Electrons were sold but its Christmas launch was delayed and its eventual appearance in the shops coincided with the end of the home computer boom. Nevertheless, it attracted a large amount of software.

The Electron has shortcuts for programming and file handling on its keys. On the left edge of the computer are TV, monitor and RGB (for SCART) outputs. There is also a DIN connector for a cassette recorder.
Start-up screen. Introductory Cassette. The Electron had an unusual 19 volt power supply.
The Electron wasn't completely compatible with the Beeb. Perhaps the most important difference was the absence of Mode 7 which was used in a lot of software. Strangely for a games computer there was no joystick connection. Nor is there an on/off switch or reset.
Still, the Electron is a nice machine and deserves its place in the history of home computing. One of mine has a Plus 3 and a Plus 1 added, one has just a Plus 1. The other has the 2 key missing, although the switch still works. The extension connector is not working properly so it has nothing added.
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